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Pipe Debonder - A New Way to Work with PVC Service

Pipe Debonding Systems is now introducing its next generation of products. For eight years, Debonders utilized batteries. Recently based on response from the field, we have introduce our electric and gas-powered lines. The Electric Line has created a much handier and more efficiently designed approach. The continuous power supply elminiates the need to deal with battery life for larger schedules and related need to charge batteries. The Gas-Powered Line now enables debonding up to 12" diameter pipe. This enables repairs and savings of fittings that can cost into the thousands of dollars.

Features and Benefits

Control Panel for easy selection
The control panel “ON” key activates the unit. It then asks you to select the schedule and the size of the pipe. Then press “GO” to start the cycle. It's that simple.
Centering Design
Both the Electric and Gas-Powered Lines feature designs that enable the heating elements to be centered for safe and effective debonding processes.
Extraction Tool & Carrying Case
Pipe Debonder's extraction tool allows you to remove the softened broken pipe with a simple twist of the wrist. Powered with electricity and propane, this ensures that you can repair as many broken pipes needed without running out of power.

Electric Line of Debonders

Electric Line of DebondersSmall Electric Unit


Medium Electric Unit

Combination Unit

Gas-Powered Line of DebondersGas-Powered Line of Debonders