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Debonding Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its newest product line: The Gas Debonder Series. The PVC Gas Debonder deponds pipe from 6" to 12". Using modular heads (for the various sizes) and one controller system, the propane-powered tool creates a pulsating radiant heat carefully cycled for the schedule and size of pipe by our patented controller system. Gas Debonders for up to 30" pipe are in development and will be released in 2013.

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Pipe Debonder simplifies the process of repairing PVC piping, fittings and manifolds, saving time, effort and costs. Utilizing tightly controlled heat, Pipe Debonder breaks the cement bond holding the PVC pipe and fitting together without damaging the integrity of the original fitting. This process eliminates the necessity of removing and replacing the fitting, thus saving time and money.

Make backbreaking work less painful

In the traditional process of repairing broken irrigation or PVC piping, the original fitting must be removed. For buried pipe, a large enough hole must be dug to expose the entire fitting and enough space to install couplings on each leg. To replace a tee you must also install 3 couplings, 3 short pieces of pipe and make 9 glue joints.

Using Pipe Debonder, the hole has only to expose one leg of the tee. You need only one coupling and 3 glue joints. The savings in fittings and time is substantial - as much as 85% for a single tee. For a simple ell, the savings is 70% or more. For complex manifolds, the savings can be 95%!